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Hello When i was playing Byond for like....a good 5-6 hours..and then when i was going to go to a different game it didn't show the blue screen. but it showed byond central not available i did it over and over..even logged and logged back into it..nothing worked...:/ please help
Before Schnitzelnagler swoops in with his cape on telling you to fill out all the information that you blatantly ignored. Try clearing out your BYOND Cache**, since that seems to resolve a lot of minor issues.

**To clear your cache, go into the BYOND Pager, and under file, click Preferences. There is a "Clear Cache" button under the "Games" tab.
In response to Mikau
Ok thanks :P And you can delete this if you want ;P so he won't find out
In response to Cooldude3000
Actually, I would have done both, politely asking you to provide us with the data we requested and sent you to this article on problems with the BYOND Central. If the information and advice in the article would not have enabled you to resolve your issue, we'd have been able to start narrowing down the problem with the proper information.

Anyway. Is your problem resolved?
In response to Schnitzelnagler
Yes it is thanks =D