BYOND Build Number: 479.1086
Operating System: Windows 7 Home
Video/Graphics Card: Is this applicable?
Game Hub/Link: Any
Internet Connection Type: AT&T Broadband Internet
Firewalls/Routers: 2701HG-B Gateway

Problem Description:
Unable to access BYOND website via web browsers, unless using a proxy, pager does not authenticate any BYOND keys.

Steps to Reproduce Problem:
Happens every time. Checked to see if my internet connection was running on a proxy, checked to see if the web site was blocked. None of these were the case. I even tried opening up the BYOND web site on another computer in the household on the same internet connection and received the same results. I'm thinking that it may be a router issue, if anyone knows how I would go about getting rid of restrictions my router magically set out of nowhere for anything BYOND based, I'd be very appreciative.
I am by far assuming this would go under BYOND website problems, as this deals with the software, not the website.

link to BYOND website problems forum:
Greetings Oondivinezin.

It sounds like there may be some web blocking going on. Is there any sort of security software that may be blocking particular websites? Have you ever observed this behavior on other websites?

If the answer is no to those, try a different DNS server. I recommend OpenDNS or Google's DNS servers.

Thanks Much.