It's not just an otaku emoticon.
It's also a flash game!

Z makes you jump, and X makes you shoot. Can you beat \(^o^)/? (I haven't)
'\(^o^)/' is impossible. You can't beat it.
Spade489 wrote:
'\(^o^)/' is impossible. You can't beat it.

There is only one way to win, and that is... close it. >_>

Wow, very clever, you 1337 h4xx0r
Christ, it's paedobear!
I beat the first part and died.
The people at LUE already figured out how to beat it a few months ago. I'm pretty sure the topic got purged though. >.>
I beat pedobear at the third try, then fell into a pit and died.
I tried for like 20 minutes, its impossible.
That's...kinda odd, Sarm. =P
That sucks.
I got across after 3 tries, and then that happens.
Everything in the game is a jumble of squares. I take it I'm missing a language pack? Which one?
Everything should be a jumble of special characters.
If not, you might need the japanese language pack.

Anyway, I got pretty far.
I got past the mario stage.