Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
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Before reading this, remember I am a noob, so I probably suggested useless suggestions, thank you.

1.- It would be really nice if Captain Chimp or whoever controls the ship told you where you are, or it doesn't display the place where you are, you're already there, there's no need to have that option.

2.- As I said before, it would be really nice if the windows weren't opened when you already have one. I mean they wouldn't show another one when you are already buying one item.
You could make it like this:

1) The NPC checks if a var (let's name it for example, buying) is 1, if it's 1 it returns.
2) If it isn't, it continues, and turns the var to 1, so he can't reopen it again.
3) After choosing any option (Cancel, Buy, w.e.) it turns the var back to 0.

It would be really nice to stop the annoying spam of windows. xD

3.- I have not verified this, but when a player walks on a safe zone, it says: "This is a Safe Zone", including to the people in view, when I was with Teka and he walked around the Safe Zone, it displayed the same message to me everytime he moved, try to create a var which tells the world if a player is already on safe zone, so he doesn't always get that message.

4.- Try to create some HUD Buttons like Guide, or Controls, I didn't know how to use OOC Chat until I clicked Space, I know it can be learnt by common sense, but it would be nice if there were some small tips (:

5.- I don't know if this is a bug, I think so, heh, you can drink the clothes, well, they appear on the list, but it won't obviously work. Sometime ago I picked up some swords and clothes which were on the ground, and I got drink verb ^^

6.- I think it would look better if server tab was removed, or if you could toggle it, it looks right next to Skills and Commands, and it can be a bit annoying sometimes, but it does not matter at all~

7.- You could change the Chat a bit, make it display the class in brackets, or something like that. I like the current one, but some changes would be pretty nice.

8.- Whisper has some mistakes, it works wrong xD, well, I know you already know about this bug, so sorry~.

Example: I whisper something to Teka~

Eternal whispers, I'm testing like a boss.

9.- You could separate the "You killed...", "This is a Safe Zone" messages in two chats, so you would have a chat related to your "stats" and another one related to the place you're one.

10.- Create a toggle command for xp information:
if (can_see_rewards == 1) src << "You Killed [] For [Exp] Exp!".

11.- You can whisper a blank message, try to make it so if there's no text it returns, like say does.

Eternal whispers,

It would be nice if it returned a message like: "You didn't write anything!"

12.- ... has began his adventure; ... has been killed by ... would look better in the other chat, it interferes with ooc messages. Messages like: ... is back; ... is now away, should be kept in the same chat, because that tells the people playing the game they can chat again with them, etc. xD

I'll suggest some more features soon :)
1.- good idea

2.- good idea

3. Actually that message is only displayed when lvl 15+ people try to attack in safe zone (but it's spam message is really annoying)

4. I will make use of some more hud buttons, but guide will instead be given to you in your invent when you start.

5. Yeah the drink verb has been removed from all other items in the update already.

6. Server tab was designed mainly for me, ill kill it soon.

7. I may change the Chat a bit, as i was thinking about displaying the Staff position along side name.

8. Whisper is now fixed.

9. Confused me.

10. I will think about that especially since currently i'm considering making it so you can see exactly how much money an npc drops as well.

11. Okay i'll fix that now.

12. Ok sounds about right.

Thank you very much.