Well since my friend "Quit" byond i have started to work on a new project. So right now we are having a decision how how our base should be. You guys pick.

Which one you guys pick??? Comment Below Please :D
Edit: Its still a WIP.
What's your project?
The reason I ask is because I'm interested in partnering with people who want to do original projects.
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Idk lol i'm not really "in" "in" to this project but just helping out :\ . But its just going to be liek all or most the other RPGs i think with like monsters you got kill?
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Its totally original....i think..
100% Original RPG Classes ect
Your evasive answers lead me to think otherwise....
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Ah Haha Its cool we don't need much helpers.. except for like some of the art...
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Liight wrote:
100% Original RPG Classes ect

Is it your whole concept? :P
Your animation looks like he's shuffling rather than walking. I would pick neither versions of the animation.
I like the actual base but would have to agree on the shuffling animation appearance.