Naruto New Generation

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Naruto New Generation
Naruto New Generation Is Here On Byond!
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Key :XxMikeSkillzxX
Username:Skillz Wind
In game time: 0 days 0hours and 53 min because there was a wipe but i played lots of days in nng.(as in gameplay time)
Staff Status : none
Position applying for :GM
Reason why : Because i played this game about 6 months.
I like to help people out when they have a problem,like to make the game as fun as possible.
I like giving people advice beacause i have experience in this game.
If u pick me as gm i will do my best to make the game easy and as fun as possible to play thank you for reading my apply

: )

Key : 5ratsuperhalo
Username: Sasuke Uchiha (Avenger)
In game time: 4 days 21 hours and 2 min because a made a new character.
Staff Status : 9 staff members
Position applying for :GM/Mod
Reason why : Because as gm or mod i will help people that get stuck and need help. I will not abuse my power.I wont create objs that make me strong like a Tailed Beast Scroll nor mess with people characters.(I play New Generations everyday unless my internet is out.)
Key : StonerVision
Username: Madara Uchiha
In game time: 3 days 6 hours and 14 min
Staff Status : 9 staff members
Position applying for :GM/Mod
Reason why : I really love NNG, I want to keep hackers and afk levelers in line, I'm on everytime I either wake up or get home from school, Alot of people can contact me at anytime for things concerning NNG. Alot of the current Gm's and mods are either barely on or not on at all. I was very addicted to the game and still am knowing that the game is online. One user has been hacking through the game to powerlevel and lower the spawn time of boars in certain areas near sound so there is about 20 boars that spawn there in seconds. If connection has anything to do with being a Gm/Mod my connection is always perfect. I want to keep Kage spots open for new people incase the recent Kages have not been on in at least a week I want daily users being in the kage spots. The main point of it is I want to keep people from getting stuck, power leveling I want to keep the game in line and fair between the players.
Username: Jaylan Uzamaki
In game time: 9 hours and 27 min and 41 seconds(I have also played many other wipes before this one I was know as jaylan Dixon of the nara clan)
Position appling for: Mod
Reason why: Because I have a lots of experience with this game I am able to enforce the rules greatly. I will not abuse power I will treat everyone fairly. I will help any player in need and I am able to offer any new ideas for the game and I get on this game everyday know but if I don't im doing something important with school.