Naruto Outrage

by Akizuki
Naruto Outrage
Fun Naruto game with good game play and lots of potential.
Newest GOA spin off with huge plans for the future to add more cool stuff and slowly make original. A lot more new cool jutsus and constant balancing updates which you can vote on in game!

Now with a dedicated 24/7 Shell Server!!!

1. Don't ask for edits.
2. Don't use more than 6 consecutive capital letters in a sentence.
3. Don't spam.
4. Don't advertise other BYOND games.
5. Have fun.

If you have any questions about the game contact us at [email protected]
Sounds fun, will it get updated? Only problem i have with GOA...
Yep we take in community feedback to provide the most needed updates.
Can we get 2 save file slots?
When will it be back up?