Myth of the Zodiac

by Ganing
A survival game created for the 2011 GiaD competition.
Hi there, I just felt that I ought to visit each game's site as well.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Strictly my opinion only, I enjoyed this game once we all realized what on earth this game was. Granted, it did take the four of us one complete game (and a premature reboot) before we figured out what this game was about, and how to play it. Grand idea to base this game off Murder Mansion! I particularly liked how you warped the changing date into this - it can quickly change a hunter into prey, and that same prey right into the hunter!

What I didn't like though was the UI - it took me (at least, won't guarantee the same for the others) a lot of tab switching to know what the game mode meant, and figure out what is supposed to be done with that game mode. It is also too bad that we could not pick the game mode, but that was more for testing purposes and not gaming issue.

Thank you for the game, and hope to see this game improve.

Thank you for this! Although I found it funny how everyone had trouble with the game with all that heap of information right there! To be honest, I've never played murder mansion. This just popped into my head. I plan on updating it sometime in the future when I'm done with the game I'm improving now.