With the Halo3 Beta launching in a mere 5 days, a new video has finally been posted, which for the first time, shows some footage of real game-play. By real, I mean, non-alpha. The content in the video posted at the end of this post, is from the Beta build. The graphics and content within are near completion. The details are great, and the game-play looks fantastic!

In Halo2, players were able to customize their character's appearance in minor ways. They could be an Elite, or a Spartan. They could be one Solid color, with a secondary color added on. They could also have one of the few dozen emblems planted onto their shoulders...

In Halo3, customization is nearly endless. Rather than selecting one color, you're now able to select each and every piece of the armor, and customize it how you want. With a heck of a-lot more colors and designs to chose from, no two Spartan soldiers will look the same, unless it's intended.

In recent news, the Pepsi company intends to release a new soda, along side with the game. It's a brand of Mountain Dew, which was leaked to release in August. If the drink is meant to launch along side the game, does this mean the game shall be out in August, instead of September? C403218A-347E-4AA1-A675-9A0AF090B575/ H3_MrJukes-Betalicious.wmv
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