Poll: should digitalBYOND hosting die off, thanks to slackers?

yes 18% (5)
no 81% (22)

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ok, here's the scoop so far: thanks to slackers, i have closed off numerous accounts, and wiped the filespace of their contents (several more to disappear this evening), totalling a few hundred megabytes of precious game code and player savefiles.

I went ahead and paid off March, April, and May 2007 hosting fees out of my own pocket. this will be the last time i bail you little bastards out.

if i get another 'late bill' from the server provider, i will likely remove *all* accounts except my own. if i'm the only one going to pay for the majority of it, only i will get to use it.* them's the breaks.

on a good note: as soon as Manitu (the server provider) receives those old invoice payments, they will send me the access info for the new dedicated anime/rpg server. the four people who have pre-paid have been very patient, so i am trying not to delay them any longer.

* (the exception will be Strai. for all his faults and annoying activities, atleast he has always paid his fair share, and (more importantly) on time.)
folks- you should read my blog more often. i've already implemented a 2-month pre-payment scheme. this problem is coming from existing old accounts, not new people. the new people are doing just fine. and flagging the slackers is quite easy with the system i currently se- this is how i know about the problem to begin with.
ok, i'm curious who are the 5 people who wanted digitalBYOND hosting to die off. :p
ok, im curious also
is digitalBYONd like hosting without being there? like afk hosting?
Tommy080293: why are you posting to a nearly 1-year old blog entry?