Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
In response to Zane444
Zane444 wrote:
Its like that in Every MMO that has classes. for example, Mages tend to have low resistance to physical damage while its the opposite for warriors.Its basically the same in this case. the warrior becomes more vulnerable/less proficient with magic.

regardless, if a player invests all of their points into dealing damage but none of them into having more health, then they will be a damage dealer with less health as opposed to the player who opted to give their character more health. Therefore, negative consequences will just make players less willing to progress or use that tree at all. Maybe instead of making that tree optional a player could have a separate set of points specifically for strength/spirit
Im not completely sure what you're suggesting. Strength is only half of the equation for damage output, other things still have to be taken into account. Why set aside points for investing solely into strength/spirit?

In my model, the consequences of the specific tree is referring to the base amount of spirit. Its a path of choice like a pseudo class. I honestly don't see how this will make player less willing to progress. at all when its a section of the tree that's Optional. If you do decide not to purchase that tree, you still have the option to purchase numerous others to supplement.

Without negative consequences of a projected path diversification would suffer, Warrior-type classes would have equally high damaging magic abilities and vice versa.

The consequences are not game-breaking by a long shot, at least in opinion. What im trying to avoid is removing the mindset that "Pure-builds" would be the build of choice if you if want to be the best in the game.

Think of it like this. If you spent All of your time at the gym,and neglect your studies wouldn't your intelligence suffer? Its the same case here. I'm not saying you cant be both, But you need to invest in both and in the long run you'd proficient in both areas.
The skill/stat tree makes sense to me, at least for the most part, really not sure what Yut Put is talking about. I'm wondering how it's going to look in game though, guess I'll wait and see. I also just noticed prerequisites, I think a good way to go about it would be, instead of thinking of it as a prerequisite, you would have to go along two branching trees, and they would connect at some point and unlock a new skill. Of course that wouldn't work for two opposites like spirit/strength, but that would kind of make sense in terms of classes.
In response to Megablaze
That's exactly what I intended. i added the caption to explain what some of those meant. The way the model is set up is to purposely have spirit opposite of strength.You'd still be able to invest in any tree at any point in the game. you are not restricted to one tree.
@Yut Put - The concept is that there is a standard "high" level that can be achieved considered you are balanced. However to "specialize" in a certain field, your other fields will suffer. As Zane said, more time in the gym versus time in the classroom will mean stronger body and weaker grades.

All you have to do is to imagine that skill points are the time spent developing your character in a different form. So when you spend those points imagine you were spending time. You ought to immediately understand why it makes sense and contributes to a balance, and introduces various strategic options for players.

@Criticisms - We welcome all of them, as long as it is noted that we have made sacrifices in order to maintain our own motivation and prevent us from spending far too much time trying to be perfect. However our game's development does not stop at release. We do have intentions to continue to grow and improve the world of "Spirit Age" even after it has been released, so we have quite a future cut out, there is also just so much that we can do on our own, with players to give us feedback we have the opportunity to do even better.

Note - We would like to release open beta around the same time that BYOND updates to 494 :] we are pretty excited.
First time ive seen a good game on BYOND, Nice :)
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