Manitu confirms receiving the booked transactions for the last three months. i expect to receive the new server access info either today or tomorrow.

server specs:
Athlon 64 3200+
1024 MB RAM
160 GB Harddisk
2000 GB Traffic / Month
running Debian Etch
running BYOND 3.5 Version 354 for Linux
i beat you in ram :-D
1152 ram :-D
other than that we have the same pc except i have 250 gig hardrive o.O and cable internet and a kick ass cooling system so yeah give me a page o.O i can be a host o.O
cable internet? pfft. this server is connected to a local backbone of the internet, 3-4 times the speed of cable at least. and the server lives in a 'cool-room' with other servers, maintained by people trained to keep things running.

and why would i need you to host anything when i am a host already? (quote from my server: Server Uptime: 371 days, 22 hours, 50 minutes). i think the BYOND staff's own servers have been up longer.

and while you may have more RAM, i probably use it more efficiently. the 12 games currently running on are taking up 62.5% of RAM - if you are using Windows, you'd need that 62% just for the OS. :p
1152 megs is nothing special, Tac... standard PCs retail with 2 gigs now, and my rubbishy PC has 1.5 gigs.
digitalmouse wrote:
i think the BYOND staff's own servers have been up longer.

DreamHost has had some power issues, so I'm not so sure that's true any more...