Dragonball Inflicted Soulz

by Staticfire666
Dragonball Inflicted Soulz
Player Wipe Coming Jan 1st 2021 (W/ Major Update)
Inflicted Soulz HUB
Come join one of Byonds longest lasting DB games and the IS family!
Back in action, After a few years of "vacation".
!!Active Updates!!

Inflicted Soulz Recent Updates
1.) Dragonballs no longer spawn in void.
2.) Only Earth Dragonballs spawn in caves, lowered chance of doing so.
3.) Fixed City Gym Door.
4.) Snakeway Added Back Into Game.
5.) King Kai, Supreme Kai, Dabura, King Yama, and other Afterworld characters working properly.
6.) Updated Hub Tags for greater search results.
7.) Screenshots & Hub Updated
8.) HBTC Time Limit Enforcement
9.) Character Creation Preview & Bug Fix.
10.) Time Stamp on OOC Chat View & Other Chat Dialogue Box Alignment.
11.) Commas in numbers/statistics.
12.) Zanzoken Melee Battles.
13.) More NPC's.
14.) Ice Bug Fix.
15.) Good & Evil Sagas

Inflicted Soulz Recent Updates
1.) Purchasable Houses.
2.) Dragons Appear on Summon.
3.) Map Features per Sagas.
4.) Lookout Map & Activity.
5.) More Planetary Access / Ships.

Staff and Administration

Inflicted Soulz Rules
1.) Report any issues/abuse to Static (Key: Staticfire666 ) or other Staff/GM
2.) Do not run multiple command macros on a single key.(/n) If you need a macro .exe or programmable macro interface, ask about one from the veteran players.
3.) In the case of potential bug or glitch that you find, do not get caught abusing it. If asked to stop doing something due to unfairness and unjust of equal play, do so.
4.) There are seemingly no bugs or glitches, and any desired behavior restrictions should be programmed in already. So just please, have fun and enjoy the Inflicted Soulz family Experience!

Ultimate Legends
Ultimate Legends by RubenInc

Mystic World RM
Mystic World RM by DarkG

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