in other words: 'your new rootserver is ready'! just received an email with the new server's access data.

so now we are off-n-running with a new anime/rpg-only server set aside for 4 game accounts. all slots are taken, and i will be sending information to each of the reserved account holders this evening (Denmark time).

let's just hope the account holders are better at paying their account fees than the first server's patrons!
digitalmouse wrote:
random observations of the developer world- building browser-based games since June 2007!

Started a game today digi? ;)
actually, yes! :)
I do believe I asked him about that about a year ago, when it said 2006 on the tag. He's a tricky one, that mouse, changing his subtitle to fit his needs.
If a slot opens. are you gonna allow other people to fill it. if you are contact me please :)
Rizen: Wrong approach. Don't expect him to come to you- keep after him. If some schlub doesn't pay and you are right there waiting with cash in hand.....
Now the tag says "August 2007". I guess something came up. ;-)
He pushes it back constantly. He must really be doing something special, because we all know that to properly judge a programs worth, you have to add in how many times it has been delayed.
Wow, The Haven Seed must be worth more than Hawaii.