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Pokemon Redsteel port 4433 has violated the BYOND TOS agreement by IP Banning the gaming club where I pay for a monthly internet agreement to be able to play. I paid $2000.00 for a laptop, played countless hours with friends on Redsteel leveling my rare pokemon to lvl 100. Then some idiot GM on Redsteel accused 2 of the gaming club players of playing multiple accounts on one computer? Instead of Banning their accounts they banned the IP of the entire gaming club. I feel by this unnecessary action they have placed my Byond account under Duress (harassment) and am therefore per your Terms of Service requesting that Redsteel be banned from Byond and removed from your server list. If you do not wish to remove them I will post your lack of action to MMO top 100 and other gaming sites that do not tolerate GM bullying. I have never swore on any site, nor ever been rude to any GM. I do not know about any other gamers out there but my Byond record is clean I have only ever had ONE account, Dragonspoet.

Edit by Kitten: For everyone else wondering how to report abuse, this is not the way. Go to the forums and send either Kitten or Lt.Spears a personal message about it.
Woah there. First of all, I am sorry this has happened- -Secondly, the best you can you in your situation is contact either ME or Lt.spears on the forum so we can sort this out. I will look through the logs what happened and we'd get a solution out of this. On our game we absolutely do NOT tolerate bullying or scamming, abusing of any sort. Whether it's a GM or player. Please send me a PM on the forums and let me know your keys and we'll sort this out, instead of threatening to do all kind of stuff because of one player.

Though, mistakes happen, and right now I can't judge seeing I wasn't there myself. If you have proof, that would be nice. I DO know that we've got pretty fair GMs, as I only select people to get GM that seem to be literate, mature, and non abusive.

forums: http://pokemonredsteel.proboards.com/index.cgi

This topic has been locked, and I hope to hear from you soon on the forums.

~The game owner