here begins a series of summer BYOND challenges sponsored by digitalBYOND!

one of the most popular requests of digitalBYOND hosting is the desire to have some sort of 'control panel' that allows an account user to start/stop/reboot their games without needing to enter the game or enter the shell.

so, the requirements are as follows:

- controlled BYOND-key access to the control-panel. account users only access material related to their BYOND key. in the case of digitalBYOND, the account username and the BYOND key are the same (via ckey: all lowercase, no spaces)
- the control-panel lists games within the account users home directory. this would include games within subdirectories, if any. a user's home directory is always /home/username.
- user should be able to 'toggle' start/stop/reboot game behavior.
- user should be able to toggle the creation of a logfile during game start-up.
- users should be able to view that log, as well as delete old logs.
- control panel should preferrably be a DMcgi application, but if you do not have access to a DMcgi-capable host, then a BYOND application accessible via DreamSeeker is a valid alternative. the catch is that DS app *must* be useable via Windows DS and Linux (text-mode) DS.
- creativeness in the design and ease-of-use of the interface will be a large deciding factor in choosing the winner.
- lastly, all contestants must submit their entries as open-source listings that will compile without errors. graphics or other resources should be included with the source code in an un-protected zip-file. commentary in the source is appreciated, but not required.

prize? one free digitalBYOND hosting account for 2 years to use for hosting one BYOND game.

deadline? August 1st. Judging will begin August 2nd, 2007.

questions? discuss them in the forum.