1) I mean, seriously.

2) How can you idiots NOT figure out that it's satire?

3) I mean, hell, the first thing I did.

4) The FIRST thing I did, was I looked at other articles on the website.

5) But, more importantly, the SECOND thing I did.

6) The SECOND thing I did was that I checked the guy's OTHER articles.

7) They were satire.

8) I mean, seriously guys.

9) You're so damn gullible.

10) Which, I might add, is not in the dictionary.
i looked in the dictionary. it was manufactured from pig's skin in a third world country sponsored by nasa

it said gullible is a word often used by hackers to convince their parents that they are wrong and easily fooled. any child saying gullible should instantaneously have their mouth washed out.
Wrong, Garthor. I can recognize all the planets; I've attended dozens of Astrology classes.
Your satire sucks.
I knew it was satire. =/
One way to tell that something is satire.

1. It's in the "distractions" keyword of Android Data's post.

-- Data