Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Just felt like showing some recent screenshots of my game with My terrible Pixel art(which i like) So Shush. :)

The Admin Crown symbol system:
  • Red/Blue Owner
  • Gold Admin
  • Silver Moderator

Fishing woho!

  • The fishing will be real time
  • You will have to watch and strike to catch the fish
  • Various fish will be able to be caught sold or cooked and eaten.

The Druids new skill (only skill lol) Bind

  • Druid = Bind
  • Mage = Fireball
  • Thief = Dagger Throw
  • Warrior = Berserk

Some wintery place threw a wardrobe

Some magnificent place down a rabbit hole

That's it, that's all i wanted to say really, the game is progressing at a level i'm happy with.

I'm getting a lot of programming guidance from a whole ton of people.

Ganing is sticking by me mostly, with Lige constantly helping when things get tough.
MDC has offered his help and Megablaze has helped me overcome a few things, not to mention Falacy helped programme most of the game during my start - though he's become to busy to help me now! :P


Nice keep up the good work!
looks very good, it's nice to see a original games coming to BYOND. (Reo2 & DBZ/Naruto Rips LOL)

And niceeee, I like it! Keep up the good work!
Teka always spells my name wrong lol
I see Mr. Tumnus! :D
I like it!

Reminds me of runescape a bit - this will be the best RPG on BYOND by far.
Woah woah, hold it, There's Spirit Age, King-manga-mans rpg, Everland, Epic, Even Eternia, Terridal, Rise of the pirates, Battle of Evermore... probably about 10 or more Rpg games that overshadow my game by a mile.

But thanks anyway guys, i really appreciate the comments, it'll be fun i hope :)! Thanks again. (sorry Ganing, i fixed ur name)
Although there may be that many already that are great, I still prefer yours.
The fishing system caught my attention, I finally see a fishing system in an RPG game on BYOND. Have you thought about implementing a farming system? It is looking nice, I like it too.
WOOOH FISHING, I'll become a fishing master (gotta catch 'em all).
I like the simple graphics to be honest, it looks like its coming along good. Keep up the work :).
I LOVE IT!!! I want to learn how to code but my brain gets muddled up T~T
I like it as well. I'm gonna go check it out in a bit!
Even though the graphics aren't top notch, it's still consistent so it still looks right. Keep it up!
That snow screenshot >
I love the look of it Teka , great job ^_^
Yea when do we get to play! I haven't been interested in playing a BYOND game for a while until I saw the first few screenshots of this :D
When I first saw Narnia, I said, "Damn, that's stupid lol" and laughed out loud

5 seconds later...

"Damn, why is he such a genious?"
Looks awesome o.o
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