Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
It's looking nice so far Teka123. :D
Epic. Good job Teka! Keep it up and I'll even advertise your game for you! Wish I could host.
no no. druid = heal others spell
make a simple group system/share exp

will add hours more of game-play.

Yall can thanks me for narnia ;)
Thank you everyone for your support, i know the game will be a let down, but ill still keep trying!

lol thanks Jonaz :)

Suicide Shifter, there is a party system in, it needs some work to refine it but it does work and does share exp.

But Druid like all other class's will split into another path,Their capable skills consist of buffs, healing, binds, transformations, creature taming.
Looks good Teka.

Why you no on pager anymore? :P

when are you hosting next?
very good. I need to find a druid to party with so they can sit and heal me while I berserk dragons and advance quicker
OH. Thiefs should get the transform ability.. those sneaky bastards...
Thiefs skills will cater to being capable of Camouflage, poisoning, archery, stealth and luck perks
Druids should be like WoW, They can be bats, butterflys, wolfs etc

lol well yes they will be similar, like i said druids have transformations and that will be different types of transformations they learn at different levels which will be several types of monsters, a tank based one, an agility one and an attack one. and yeah.
I don't wanna feel rude, but i'll tell you of what i think about this.

First Screenshot: The Grass was made like if someone wanna get rid of it (There's only one detail) , No offence but try to make a new one.

Second Screenshot: The water is just flooded by an aqua blue.

Third Screenshot: Same comment as the first Screenshot

Fourth Screenshot: Everything is perfect, except the bush that shouldn't be there, in this place, there's snow... The bush is not supposed to be their or should be cover of Snow... (Like the Tree)

Fifth Screenshot: Same as the first screenshot

Sorry for those comment, but i want to see how far this game could go, please forgive me of my comments'
In response to Dark-DVF
Doing this may ruin the style of everything else in terms of details...

The game looks perfect IMO maybe the water is a tad too bright and has no detail compared to the grass.
In response to A.T.H.K
A.T.H.K wrote:
Doing this may ruin the style of everything else...

The game looks perfect IMO maybe the water is a tad too bright.

Haha Teka, you might not have heard from me for a long time. But your game is coming along very well. I really love your ideas and the style of the art. Props to you!
Hehe its funny because I was talking about fishing and other things. If I see a wood chopping block next I shall kiss your feet.

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