by IainPeregrine
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I was just surprised by a flying fox in the cave right after defeating Wilhelm, only to find that my character's map icon is displayed right under the bat's icon.

The arrow keys still allow me to change my character's direction. In fact, I think I'm still walking around in the background, because the screen flashed again after hitting the arrow keys a bit. I suspect I'm now in two combats at once. :)

Yep, definitely two combats at once. I defeat the other enemy and now I have the combat HUD permanently overlayed on my screen, even though I'm now back wandering around on the overworld map, trying to get back to town.
I've had several reports of a movement bug that is making it hard for some people to move around the map. I havn't been able to reproduce that bug on my own system, and non of my testers reported any difficulty either. I believe I know what may be causing that bug, and if I'm correct it would open up the possibility of what you're describing. That would also explain why none of my testers saw this, either.

I still don't have a fix for the movement bug, but I've made changes to the battle starting code which should prevent this from happening.

Thanks for the report