by IainPeregrine
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Just noticed that sometimes that your character is still left on the shore outside the city. Doubt that is intended behavior.

I have only took the trip twice, this time with a ticket, the first time I don't remember this happening. Sorry I couldn't take a quick screen shot of it.

Not sure if this matters but:
I bought the ticket as soon as I landed in Alderale, then traveled back to the first two towns to check and see if my actions changed any dialogue. I was also checking to see if there were any connections to the comb for the ghost in the first two towns.

I then traveled back to Alderale and walked directly to the harbor, talked to the ship captain and showed him the ticket.

When it loaded the overworld my character was next to the ship on the shore. When the ship took off south, my character was left behind but the camera followed the ship.

lol I may have over done the explanation but oh well.
Thanks for the report. I actually fixed this the same day you posted it, but forgot to reply here. This is a minor issue, so I haven't released an update yet, but it'll be in the next round of updates.