Axerob wrote:
ROFL. yeah....he just doesnt have anyone to code for him anymore

That's you. I've NEVER had anyone codeing for me untill like last month when someone hooked my up with some cool codeing but they weren't codeing for me. Why don't we go threw WOTS and see what all made it into from my game a week after I released it.

Everyone that's worked with you knows you can't code for shit so stfu tring to talk about me.
Chibi Gokou wrote:
I thought keeth already "solved" this a while ago.

Did you even read what was on the hub when that was? Or you did and don't care gonna run with it any ways. Anything to say something bad about me right? loser
Shin The Supreme Kai wrote:
This is the best dbz game if u guys love fast lvl an new trans join the battle now specail with our new trans lss2!!!!!come join and get big boost jus for joinnig..NO RULES

Best Game is up.i mean look at that ---------------------> [1 game, 6 players]

Your still on byond. WTF man whats up long time no see.
I had to put this one up.

Copyright (c) All rights reserved by Naruto Tempus Saga 2007. There will be no distribution of the source or any part of Naruto Tempus Saga. Should any codes, icons, etc be located in any other entertainment on byond gaming the owner will be reported under terms of copyright infringement. There will be no further warning.

This is coming from someone that stole the game from someone that edited my old source. ROFL

for the scoop
Inuyashaisbest wrote:
Masterdan, how could u forget the number 1 on the list: "THIS IS NOt A RIP IT JUST LOOKS LIKE NBOTLS"

Damn near all of them are a NBotLS rip :P
They're all naruto related ones XD Makes sense though, seeing as naruto overpopulates the anime list....
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