Bleach Overwelming Darkness

by T3arror0fD3ath
Come Enjoy some Darkness and have fun XD
Big Update comeing soon
Adding more new icons and new codeing for Race's and abilities

All GM spot are taken so dont ask!

Bleach Overwelming Darkness

BoD Staff:

Main Owner:(T3arror0fD3ath)
Main Owner/Main Coder Ace (Alec94)

Hub Designer/Temp-Coder: Sean(Naruto-Utchiha)& Krus (T3arror0fd3ath)

Mapper/Iconner: Mike(Michael_l_c1994)


Rule 1: No Spamming Of any sort{Booted Twice Third Time Ban For 15 Minutes
Rule 2: No Advertising(IP Bann For One Day)
Rule 3: Respect GMs If Any Complaints Talk to the Owner:Krus(T3arror0fD3ath)
Rule 4: Respect the Host{Banned for day, If Not Respected IP Ban)
Rule 5: Don't Ask For GM If They Are Full{(Mute for 5 Minutes)
Rule 6:All rank Challegnes Must Go Through Owner. If The Spot Isn't Filled Then Its Auto Spot.

GM Rules:
Rule 1: Don't Abuse GM Powers{Power Stripped A Day, Then Fired)
Rule 2: Respect Players{15 Min Banned then GM Loss}
Rule 3: Follow All Rules {Power Strip}
Rule 5: Must Be Able To Be On For At Least 2 Hours Everyday
Rule 6 : GM's cant join a tournament unless its a GM tournament

Captain Commander lvl Req. is 5 Mil

Captain Req lvl is 2 Mil
Leutenant is up to the captain

Vizard Leader is 2 Mil
Vizard Co is up to Vizard Leader
and vizards 1- 10 is up to leader

Quincy Leader is 2 Mil
Inoue Leader is 2 Mil
Bount Leader is 2 Mil

Espada Leader is 2 Mil
Espada Co is up to Espada Leader
and Espada 1-10 is

This game is coming back and its going to be bigger than ever
Ii do agree phoenix XD we are going to make it better than ever.
One of the worst rip I never everplayed in my life it waste dude rlly idk how u like
then dont play its needs updated bad i know that
Then do a better update thts y I am nit playing as I joined I logged out how much old is the rip
it had a good update but when it went down i was never sent the updated files so i got screwed over and now im waiting for my coder to get his computer fixed so i cant update right now
ive been looking for a back up coder but so far no luck

this game hasnt been up for about a year
im attempting to learn to code myself but im not that good at it still trying to understand it all
O.o keep on trying at first I was also not good but now I am a pro programmer
im trying but even if im able to its gonna take a while k man
Do u knw how to map or icon atleast
i can map some but im starting to get the hang of this codeing thing but it still takes a while but im trying lol
dude when code html image u should keep
<.img src="{page address}"/.>
remove the two dots

but on ur game hub as we click the image it redirect us to the image address
its ok ima take the pics out it takes too long to scroll down in my opinion
Kk as u wish to help u I said u image code
thanx Taru
Neko Kitty perm muted me for reloging i think she needs to be stripped she crossed rule 4 on me and made me sad on my birthday she made me perm muted just for reloging while i was fixing my internet can you plz talk to her and get her straight with the rules there is no rule against reloging while in mute there is a rule for not helping me and not treating me well at all. i tryed to get straight with her she said the owner will never take her gm away cause she is only host he can find but owner i know a host that can host 24/7 plz trust me and do whats right ffor the players and me.
So that is my report for her behaviour
But i'm not giving up trying to get straight with her
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