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You should make more games they're awesome!
can i please be a host ive been playing for two years PLEASE!!!!!
Tens, I have a bug ingame, seeming as how you pager banned my other key I may as well just abuse it, anyways, have fun with a random bug popping up...might as well tell Exgen it so he can abuse it like he abuses his "Purification" shit still.
Lizard_Sphere_X I have a video that'll probably help you fix an infinite resources bug on Dragon Universe, could you please message me?
Can you enable public hosting for dragon universe or at least accept my server request thx.
Since you are the creator of dragon universe which is a very popular dragon ball based game, I felt I should tell you that a host of your game, known as romcio4, may be seriously abusing his abilities as a server's host. In addition to killing people, including me, and somehow making it so that when killed, they reincarnated as a weaker being, even if they were alive when it happened. This happened so many times that afterwards, I had approximately 100,000 bp, when I had over 7 million originally. I know that he banned several people, I was banned for 120 hours for suggesting that he should apologize to the several people he attacked. It seems that he's done this because people (most likely who were new to the game) obtained omega yasai and had the dust function on, which was lagging the server. Even though I told him I would put this on the comment board, I think his behavior should be mentioned to you. He should be setting an example, and he's behaving very badly in my opinion. I apologize if this is annoying to you, but I feel it must be said.
Jtkr wrote:
i can host one server?

unban me please! i can't host
I am angry at EXGenisis. He is a terrible admin with 0 flexibility. He cannot understand that games are for fun, and is constantly making up excuses to remove servers with a greater rating than his own. I have made note of a log where i confronted him on his server and he banned me with the reason "intentional disruption", If you read that log, i said nothing at all to suggest i was there to purposely disturb his server. This makes it an unjustified ban. This is unacceptable. Get your act together and hire better staff >.>
In response to Akataki-san
Pics or it didn't happen.
My server was recently banned for packet discrimination while I was not aware that this was a rule I recognize the fact that ignorance is no excuse to break any rule.. Though I think it's a little extreme that I am permanently banned from hosting because of this without any warning.

Many people enjoyed playing my server we had hundreds of saves of other people's characters and Im sure they will miss hours of their work i know I do

Note that I have learned from my mistake and will not let it happen again if my ban were to be repealed

thank you =]

lol its like noone here knows that lizard sphere x is just a account made for the game and getting spam from players

why would ANYONE want to deal with spam from players
xixxer is a hackerRaizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): o. cool.
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): ur cool with me bro ^_^
Tousesu: Can I get everyones Ip adress then...if its not illigal and start to ruin everyones comps..
Newton378: word
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): but still. youd get shot at
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): and i'd get shot too
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): simple
Newton378: what are you talking about tracing me for what
Tousesu: >.> I code For a liveing
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): cuz i was mad
Newton378: like why did you even say that
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): u interupted my porn D:
Raizen "The Infinite"(Xirre): when u ddos'd me!

he was talking about he can hack everything
whats wrong with dragon universe
hey LSX any chance i can get my server allowed on the hub?
id post this in the where it belongs but i dont like exgen and im positive he doesnt like me.
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