I would like to start hosting my school has ended i have ALOT of freetime to run a server for my friends and anyone else who would like to join itll be my first time hosting as well
ExGen. Is abusing his powers, And I know chances are you don't believe me but he banned my friend :Reason, Go stfu and cool down for a week: and on false pretenses Comes on servers and messes everything up which could be anything from banning people for no reason to buffing people.
Your very old humble friend Grizzy6 or Tyler Hardy~
Can i host
hey Lizard_Sphere_X i would like to host a server on Dragon Universe let me know when you come to a conclusion
Hi Lizard, I want to say that EX should maybe allow players to host the game without an application.. But please, set rules for admins who host to limit the abusive admin count.. I hate when people tell me about a few servers that got ruined this month, including the one I know was burned down earlier. o.o New rules possibly for this year and the future?
I need help playing it on my LG
Gabe Schoonover how old are you bruh?
you look pretty old to be making/playing db games J/s
please check out my new reccomendation im really trying hard to add things into the game and with this new reccomendation i hope to achieve more customizations
hey liz any chance to get the latest files ?:/ i have a very good server rack
Exgen. I need your help. By my IP you probs know who i am. I need your help dealing with an abusing host. He has wiped me several times because i was more powerful than him and pointed out previous abuses, before muting me entirely. His username is SSGSSJ Vegeta. He is on a newer server. I was hoping you dont have to erase the entire server, and try to implement a new host or just restrict his powers. If you could do this i would be very grateful. thanks.
Lizard_Sphere_X wrote:
Post your comments here!

Hey um, I've been blocked from playing DU for the longest? For literally no reason, So can I please be unblock so I can play?
As paragraph could make contact with you a proposal? Greetings, Argentina
does anyone think they can help me out on how to add admins and remove the runaway car and increase the gains? we run it on a linux shell and i can't figure out which language it uses to configure it cand since there is no readmes i'm at a loss right now message me if you think you can help me thank you
When are we gonna see Ssj God in Dragon Universe?
I noticed you are running a dragonball related game, would you be interested in buying some new art for it?

Check out my posting here!



Your game was recently closed by copyright. I know the loop. You update DU to something that makes no sense, and when the copyrighter dumbasses leave, you fix everything.

If you had some bullshit stuff, I just want to know it won't affect the normal DU servers.
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