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Whats with BLH and WOTS? We can't play either of them!
Bro Make BLH Pvp its runied for rping
Almost everyone is afk training at WOTS.
I know youre probably busy rob but you really should bring WOTS back up. Ive been wanting to play it for like 3 weeks and its been down.
Bring WOTS 3.0 back
Bring WOTS back man. Doesnt matter which version <3
Rob bring back the game fool
Yo man its asakura the fan ninja. Bring back shinobi 1.1-1.8 man! We miss it dont let your fans down! index.php?showtopic=7884
I Hope Nwots will be back ! doesnt matter wich version , but the oldest is the goodest !!!
BRING BACK WOTS why did you leave so sudden like that ?!?!?
Do you know where i can get the bases that you use in the game. I've been looking for them because they were used years ago when i still played and now its like they disappeared. Im trying to get back to byond and make a game. I just need those bases and im all set.