Can I host your Naruto game?
Why i host banned on your Bleach server?!!!
VCent, i really need to talk to you ASAP, so please CONTACT ME ASAP, i added you on Skype; Vcentg i hope it was u, if not Add me ASAP please!

Skype: Orenthebaws

i just tryed to hop on your game for the first time and it said i was banned why is that? (bleach)
Sharing keys with someone who is banned or something :o
Vcent, no disrespect, but what the hell did i say to get banned?
Just wanted to say, awesome job on your creations. Keep up the good work.
11days till your member runs out :o
Hello VcentG,

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind deleting me from your ban list on your pager?
I cannot log in to your game.

I would really appreciate it.
Hey V
I wasnt playing your Bleach game in a while and now i cant find a website with item mall. Can you send me link or tell how much fuse/stat/zan change cost? :) i would be gratefull :)
what happened to the game?
pls source files or host files on the hub pls, bby love you. and miss you.
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