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Sorry for posting this in a dumb place, I lack a membership to page you, feel free to delete it after.

I was curious if you have a direct link to the BYOND Podcast 2? Hidden posts aren't viewable with the new forum system, not sure if you're able to view yours either. I was wanting to listen to it, I never heard it when it was initially posted.
I would coordinate a massive game project with you if you wish. Put you on my pager. Possibly the most original rpg we ever came across, but dont think for a moment that even the planning stage will be easy if you accept.
I have a few questions as a fellow developer, working on a large project alone, that I'd like to ask you:

1) How long did NEStalgia take to first come to life? What I mean by that is, how many hours of programming do you think you did?

2) Why did you feel that using 16-bit graphics was a better choice when we now have the capability to use millions of colors?

3) If you had a large-scale feature to work on, which road do you think you'd more commonly take:

2 hour road - code is extremley messy but work-able
5 hour road - code is neat and organized, could be a bit better
7 hour road - code is amazing, but still lacks a bit more shine
9 hour road - code is perfected

and how often do you think you'd end up taking your preferred path?

4) If you could have done something different during the early stages of development, what would you have changed? What do you hope to learn from NEStalgia that will assist you in future project's early development?

5) What are some methods you use to keep yourself programming even if you'd rather be spending time playing video games or goofing off?
How much do you make monthly with NEStalgia :)
Congratulation on the Greenlight.
Hey you still around? I had legacy access? I guess cause I still had a character from awhile ago when I use to play. So I deleted him to make a new one and I cant get anything now. Help me out [email protected] Thanks!