According to Wikipedia, this game was "a fighting game developed to compete with the popular Midway franchise Mortal Kombat. Using the same digitized graphics as Mortal Kombat, Tattoo Assassins featured real life actors fighting each other with violent moves and combos. Most notable is that the game featured over 200 Fatalities, including Nudalities (only a rumor in Mortal Kombat) and Animalities (before they were featured in Mortal Kombat 3). Some included dropping a DeLorean car onto the opponent (a Back to the Future reference), turning the opponent into a hamburger (a reference to an earlier Data East game, Burgertime), and massive diarrhea.
Internal development strife, management problems, deadline woes, and negative feedback from testers contributed to the game's troubled development and eventual downfall. With similar games like Killer Instinct and Primal Rage performing well, Tattoo Assassins competing chances were slim and it was never put into production."

So apparantly the game was so bad that not even the testers wanted to play it, but take a look at a bunch of the fatalities in this game. It's almost 10 minutes long.
What a pathetic waste of time. :-/ Props to whoever canned it.