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yo kuroi if ur wondering why i havent been on byond my computer got fucked up and i have to re-download it but it requires a password dat i typed in but it wont fucked up is that man?anyways,i probably be back in a minimum of 3 months or so,so be ready to help me create the most awesome DBZ game ever.and also teach me to make servers when i get back k?

-Realvegeta the prince
Yo Kuroi, on your DU Server Akaru (Lovegod11) Abused his admin like 3 times And I got screenies of 2 of them. Lol <Abooze 1 <Abooze 2
And the Other time is when he Actually banned me.
In response to Rikus soul98
Fair enough, I'll see to it that Akaru loses admin. Very nicely done. Maybe you'd like to take his place
Hey man...what happened to your DU server???
someone told me about your DU server that you don't troll.
We Need A Reboot Chiron the players lagging us cuz of spamm and obe needs his gm back to help vesto become arrancar
Wing rayne are you taking down hollow flash
I logged on to the game and my character is gone from last night!!!!!
Well aren't you rude all i said was trolol and u banned me have you no manners ?? just cause i like typing the word doesn't mean i am doing anything wrong
Hello, I'm Silent. I like your game and I was wondering if you needed a host? I can provide 24/7 hosting, if not, I can get a shell.
when dis shii comiin back