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The download link is broken... please, fix this. Try to upload in
Many of the download links are broken. Byond does not allow you to use free download sites like, the automated downloads for host files needs to be on a site where the files are directly accessable without any capchas or interfaces or whatever. I don't have access to any webspace or ftp sites so I cannot put my hostfiles up like that.
I would like to host the game if possible, a friend of mine introduced me to the game and it looks like alot of fun.
I am talking about Archipelago.
are u able to send me the host files or somthing please? i been looking for it forever and cant find, and u said u cant uppload it on media fire and junk, so are u able to send it directly?
If anyone has the updated host files, please send them my way. It would be very much appreciated.
Hey there. I'm not sure if you still check around BYOND sometimes, but this is worth a try. The download links for both the source and host files for Fantasy Fortress are broken. I lost my copy of the source on a computer that isn't functional, and I'm interested in having it again.