During the night of the release of BYOND 4.0, I decided to have a release party and host Ultimatum as a release game, and hosted for around two hours last night. ultimatum4_01.png ultimatum4_02.png ultimatum4_03.png ultimatum4_04.png ultimatum4_05.png

Now that 4.0 has been publicly released, Ultimatum will be back on track with its weekend hosting schedule, so you can pop in during Saturday and Sunday starting at 6pm to 12am EST and try out the new Ultimatum!
that's really nice.
I thought it couldn't get sexier.
That's so hot.
Wow, that's a great interface!
What the screenshots don't mention is how that battle actually progressed. Naturally I can only give the battle from my perspective due to the fog of war:

1) Unknown Person is the human player (red), I'm the elven player (green), Vortezz is the undead player (grey).
2) Not knowing how to play, I move my leader off of the castle. Vortezz and Unknown Person both assemble armies.
3) Next turn, I move my leader back onto the castle and recruit a full cadre of troops (which is why you can see so many troops on the castle in the first shot).
4) Unknown Person conquers one of my villages in the west, but I manage to bring my spear naga to fight off the invading force and protect the other village. Vortezz makes headway against me on my south front. I rotate troops out of my castle and wound one of his bats badly enough to scare it off into the mountains (Vortezz forgot about that bat for the remainder of the session ;-)).
5) On the northeast front between Vortezz and Unknown Person, the battle is long and drawn out, with both sides hacking at one another.
6) Not realising that units can upgrade in this game (first time playing, after all), I attack Vortezz's mage and bring him down to less than 5 HP or so, but on his turn the mage turns into a lich. (Units that upgrade are fully healed... something I'm still not quite sure I can swallow from a suspension of disbelief standpoint.)
7) As a sudden move, Vortezz makes a bull rush against Unknown Person's castle, threatening his leader. Unknown Person barely fights him off.
8) Vortezz's lich continues to attack the village, with my archer defending the village against all odds and winding up upgrading into a marksman.
9) Having brought my leader to bear against the vastly superior force on my western front -- I wasn't going to ignore the powerful attack rating, even if it meant taking a risk -- I fought off some of Unknown Person's troops, keeping the border intact. However, my leader was severely weakened, and eventually was killed by a thief.
10) With no leader, I'm no longer able to recruit troops and I'm no longer eligible to win the battle. The final screenshot asks which side I'll support. The answer is none: my remaining archers and fighters (the ones I could see, anyway, due to a bug that trapped my viewscreen in the southeast corner) attack targets of opportunity almost at random, keeping the playing field even.
11) Unknown Person surrounds Vortezz's castle with clerics and attacks his leader. One cleric perishes in the attack and the second cleric comes within an inch of his life killing the Lich King. Unknown Person conquers the day!
It looks really good, but the pictures seem a bit large. Are they blown up or does it not matter because it is resizable anyway? =)
Unknown Person is using a resolution greater than 1024x768. The chat window is a bit small at 1024x768, but still playable.

1024x768 is the minimum supported. I could look into UP's skin and see if there were a way he could write a compatibility mode for people with smaller resolutions like I'm doing with Badge (for a loss in visual quality, you can still play the game).
Damn! I think you've already made the game I was making :).

Looks and sounds good. I really like your icon style.
When it's hosted again, I plan to make another skin for it the way I think it'll be better for smaller resolutions. I'll host said skin in my files for anyone to use.