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csb im sorry for what i did
i was ban from byond during that time i was thinking about how mean i was i shouldnt try to change you guys and i shouldnt get mad and break the rules that was wrong..i should have ignord them instead of geting mad anther chance isnt worth anything if i cant be nice and keep my promise to change
can you give a chance to prove iv changed can i play your game again..ill pay my debt i cant pay in cash but if you want links to free downloadable videos and music stuff like that then ill try and ill folow the rules from now on
my reanimation jutsu idea sound good?
csb im not being mean nor am i denying your gift to let me play your game.
you are awar im New light right not the other one im the orginal who changed there name to shadow i realy allowed back on your game..i mean i dont want to be ban off the bat i want to prove to you guys iv changed that im good
i want to be sure i can play your game and i have changed im sorry for all the stuff iv done.
can you forgive me?
you buessy?
your game is down btw you like my idea for the reanimation jutsu the edo jutsu?
csb i had an idea for jugo and medic clan there in the fourms of your game
which i didnt know about lol ^^