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Sorry But could I ask if you could get rid of the errors on your Operation Racoon City Game? IT tends to slow down the server bit by bit, If you can that is. If not, Could you give us a version where the NPC that create that error are taken out? :D?
I did it again, didn't I? well, LK is back, more experienced and stuff. Now currently working on the LK Engine 5. Hey! I have an idea! let's settle a date to make a conference about the LK Engine 5 on (
I wanna make a game using it, so, anyone up to work for me? :D

BTW, here's the link of a demo I was making with the LK Engine 4: Reapers_Hand_Demo__2_.html
Loyal_Krauser - Yet another reo2 Ripper (when will it stop?).This time all he done is copy Creations and "sprites" off countless games decide to call them his own then Decide to say his game is Totaly Orginal, he even Decide to make False Reviews from sites such as Failspot(Gamespot)And IGN. oh another thing he's a Mexican Whom "Spezk Liekz diz and thikz hez tehz shitzs. He now fucking about on Encyclopedia Dramatica in thinking he can be awesome and "change" the true fact he's a Retarded fuck up.