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Storm Generations Demo is out! I preordered and I am getting it on March 13th or earlier! Can't wait for Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto, Susanoo Sasuke, Kabutomaru, Zabuza, Haku, Past Tobi (Masked Man), Kakashi Chronicles, Minato Story, Itachi Story, Uzumaki Barrage in Past Naruto, Training Mode, Customizable Online Ranked Matches, Online Tournaments, Replay Saving, AND the preorder special card that will allows exclusive Ninja Info Card customization and Stat boosts on wifi!
Man, is everyone dead or something? First, Masterralphy55 gets computer problems and is slowly fixing it, most of my friends are mysteriously disappearing one-by-one, Bravo1 just disappeared out of nowhere, and I just realized the only people disappearing from byond are developers! This is bad, I have to get new developers to byond! So far, one person at my school is interested and another person who's my friend is learning at the moment! Hopefully (with craploads of luck) I can help get byond some members!
Good luck (: , And yea all my old friends on BYOND keep leaving one by one , it's hard to get attached to a friendship on here.
Well Bravo1 is back, he was updating NVS and now he's using my Sage Naruto edit for his game :D

But the rest of my friends keep leaving.

Now I wish other people would get people on byond from real life, because if they get to be a team, it's much easier to have teams for games when you know them in real life instead of thru the internet and more productive. It would also provide more views and money for byond for other projects :)

Oh yeah, Mods Y U NO REVIEW MY STORM2BYOND? It's been up for review since demo 10 I'm just wondering when it will be checked out, because I feel the hard work I used to make it (although the sprites are Dairansen Kagebunshin and Sasuke has one state that I made an edit of.) needs to be seen. And yes, I put Demo 10 "Fixed" as the version, because I didn't add Deidara yet. (Which is Demo 11)
Not going to DM code today.

My stepdad's dog Jason Houdini had grown old. Just today he died with Lynphoma cancer and he was losing muscle mass. He hadn't walked much and it hurt him, but today he couldn't walk anymore and later on died 4 hours later.

I will not DM Code today in his memory. He will be missed :'(
New Storm2Byond video!
Don't complain that my username is the noobiest one out there and please don't complain you can't read the text. If you can't read the text, then just play the game :D Cwatididthar?
Hope you all are enjoying Storm2Byond Demo 12! (All 5 of you)

I got some news for Demo 13 now! I am adding two more Boss Battles! They are Itachi VS Naruto (Forest of Quiet Movement Day Player1=Itachi) and Sasuke VS Deidara (Hidden Leaf Forest Day)

Also look out for my new Character Story Intros! I finally learned Winset, Winclone, and Winshow (Thanks to Vocal_nebula) so I am able to make short 1-2 minute cutscenes before the story mode plays!

I may also complete that Sasuke VS Itachi Boss Battle if I have enough time, but that isn't confirmed. You may also notice the new systems I am adding: Shuriken (With Chakra Shuriken) and Support Characters!

Support Characters aren't other players, they are NPCs that jump in to use their jutsu whenever you press the corresponding button to call them out! Then they will be inactive and the guage will recover when you can use them again!

If you want to see me programming the game live via Teamviewer, just ask and I'll gladly show it to you! (I also use but that lags a ton.)

I am also available on Windows Live Messenger ([email protected]), Youtube (narutorox123456) and Skype (Naruto-rox_1)! Hope you enjoy my next demo when it's released!
I have a skype, it's Naruto-rox_1. Email is the same but I have a new one [email protected]
I will make an update for Storm BYOND (Demo 16) in the near future. As that goes on, I will go on hiatus for that project and work on another project that shall set its standards to, hopefully, top Teridal.

This project will pay all contributors based on a percentage of what is gained through subscriptions. If I decide to make a donation page, any extra that cannot be donated evenly will be left to sit until it gets evened out with other donations.

If anyone is interested, add my skype (Naruto-rox_1), message me on BYOND, or email me at [email protected]!
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DarkeWarrior wrote:

Greetings as well.

Shall you add me as a contact on something listed above your comment named comment #9?
hey can ya gimme the host files when i download them from they seems to be outdated like v10
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Shizamz wrote:
hey can ya gimme the host files when i download them from they seems to be outdated like v10

Once I release Demo 16 I will upload it to BYOND on two separate files. One will be installed thru the hub and pager for the wifi mode, the other is going on the hub description for single player mode.

This may take a while, still fixing up some glitches.