digitalmouse@madhatter:~/apps/byond_linux/byond$ DreamSeeker
bash: DreamSeeker: command not found
digitalmouse@madhatter:~/apps/byond_linux/byond$ ls bin
byondsetup DreamDaemon DreamMaker

what???? no more DreamSeeker for Linux? great, so now i am more-or-less forced to either: re-install windows someplace and dual-boot, or fiddle with crappy emulation that's slow as a dog unless i have a PC that is spec'd for Vista or be limited to chat games and very patient people in LRS.

They took away Linux DreamSeeker, how evil! We must protest. OK, honestly I found it pretty useless, be we know you did well with it.
I used it from time ot time to go in chat. It wasn't that useless.
When I tried to use it in Chat, or whatever we where using at the time, I found it way too limiting. Few people design their stuff with Linux in mind. And the fact that you couldn't automatically login with a key was annoying.
Now that I think of it, this makes sense. With custom interfaces, you cannot use the default interface most of the time. It kinda kills DS for Linux. I wish they would have took Linux into account when redesigning the interface for 4.0, that way we could get an interfaced DS. They where, anyways, redoing a large portion of it. But I suppose that would mean all richedit controls and IE Controls would need to be replaced completely. Not an easy task.
Still, I remember there being a Mac pager on BYONDLabs, and it being almost 100% working, where is OUR Linux pager!?
DreamSeeker wasn't included with the 4.0 release for some reason.
Wow...digitalmouse has officially been "pwnt" by BYOND. =P
I'm playing with 4.0b and WINE, but it isn't liking it. I'm not sure what the problem is. The pager works, but DS crashes without ever fully rendering(it could be an OpenGL problem, being that I'm using VMWare right now, not my Linux desktop or laptop).