Well, today sucked. It started out fine, got up at 6 AM, took my mom to work so I could have the vehicle. My dad went to Indianapolis (We live in Muncie, 60 mile drive) to take a test to start work at AT&T. It was about 9:30 AM and my mom called me to come pick her up from work so she could take my brother to his appointment. Well, on the way there, I'm driving and this asshole goes straight through the stop sign without stopping, and damn near hits us. I swerve out of the way to avoid an accident, and continue on the way to where my mom works. My dad calls my cell phone to let me know he passed to the test to work at AT&T and that he'll start on September 14th. I get to where my mom works, and tell her about the near-accident I had and about my dad's accomplishment. She tells me he called about that, then 10 minutes after he gets in a car accident (ironic a bit). Our other vehicle is totaled due to it, yet my dad got the job. Yeah, pretty much sucky, considering it was MY car that got crashed and I don't have anything to drive to school starting on Thursday.
Eh..that sucks man! Oh well..hopefully everything turned out alright for you.