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rip sweet prince ;_;
come back man
Game looks very unique and unlike most on BYOND...
Are you planning on finishing it? If not, I have been in the process of programming a DBZ game myself.. You should consider coming back and finishing this.. Or let someone finish it for you? My game, Dragonball: Re-Defined 2, is somewhat along the same lines as your game, "TSL", as in it being Very unique and original.. All my icons are drawn 100% by me, source is fresh from the ground up and the ideas I have are ones that I've never seen on BYOND... Please consider this.. Ill buy the source for TSL off of you.. Name your price. If you can't catch me on BYOND Pager; I'll be on Skype at, [email protected] Thank you...
you cant hide forever

Where the fuck are you
Contact us.