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Evil when are you putting new regions up again
maybe never but if you find a host for it then sure it can be up
watt PUT It back up!
yo yo yo sup akeboshi a byond member like me,now we are the king,lets give a shout too the rest of the byond members eh,so we can outwit them and become kings yo.
xD alright bro
King of membership=jak,evilkid, djken we own dis.
Been rdy up on dat Hawk Production's
YEhh! Baggayaro Babe!
I belive NNR Is cool game :P dont u think so too? :P
NNR da Stuff!
the era of shinobi gona go hard
Gona be a big leap for Hawk Production's
I would like to say fuck you evilkid66.
lol >.> fuck you charl's lmao now i know why i dont like you
..>_> Spawn of 2 fathers :D jk
what da fuck are you talking about
i want more dam fans ","
When are you going to put NFE back up
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