Keywords: color, shading, tutorial
Or something official sounding like that. It's part one of a maybe three part toot on color, light, and shading. I hope it'll be a good first step towards how to shade sprites and tiles by discussing:
The Color Picker (and it's various parts)
Color Ramps
Hue Shifting
A Lil' Bit O' Color Theory
(with some good links to jump to afterwards)

Lemme know what ya think!
Is there something I should be looking at?
I stroogled wit this one, soz lemme know if ya find any errors, like spelling or format (doesn't work so well in IE).

I'm especially interested in any unclear or confusing parts. If ya find any or have any questions, I'll do my best to answer here or edit the toot.
Honestly, I still don't know what you're talking about. That's what is confusing me. I read your post and from what I see it should be reference to some sort of tutorial that was never linked.

Edit: Nevermind, for some reason the link wasn't there when I first examined the post. I wonder if that was just a firefox bug.
The Naked Ninja wrote:
Is there something I should be looking at?

(Honestly, I only have eight arms, NN)
Wow I have to say I'm really impressed with this tutorial.

I'll recommend it if anyone ever has any questions about shading and pallets.
I agree with TNN. What is especially good about the tut is the hue shifting section. Great stuff.
Great job TMDI. This tutorial is more than i wouldve asked for. I had no idea about hue shifting. Thankyou.
Great job on the tut. I think you covered everything about having to pick one's colors.
Thanks, my friends. May your brains always be filled with such useless information as this.

Nakies Ninjaperson:
You, btw, weren't wrong at all. I actually hadn't included the link and it wasn't until I read your post that I included it. So, much thanks!
Excellent tutorial!

I found a typo!

"HSV is a lil' different from HSL or HSB in that value moves from black to the fullest color, and saturation now moves from white to the fullest color. In other words, setting value high but saturation low will yield white, setting value low and saturation high will yield black, setting value low and saturation high [I'm assuming this should be low] will yield black again (a grey so dark, it's black), and setting both to high will yield the fullest color."
Terrific article!
SuperSaiyanGokuX wrote:
I found a typo!

And a nasty one at that.
Fixed. Thanks much!
Very nice Monkey. The hue shifting thing was interesting. I've done that, but had never really thought about much. I've generally only gone in one direction though. Switching directions with the saturation mid-shift is interesting. Thanks :)