** Fan-games, MMORPGs, and large player-base games are only available for the purple package at this time. **

the above phrase has been posted on the digitalBYOND website in some form or fashion for several months at

i've received 5 emails in September that follow this basic format:

"I wants red-pack!!!
Byond Key: Defenser!!!
Game: Dragonball Master!!!

ok, i know there are posted links to the hosting packages in several places around BYOND, including my member blogs, and in a multitude of forum posts. so the question that begs to be asked is: DO YOU KIDS ACTUALLY READ THE DAMN SITE? or do you stop at 'red-pack' with a 'LOL! that's wut i need!' and the brain just locks up?

Dragonball games are fangames. Naruto games are fangames. Anything based on something someone else created (as in a cartoon, tv show, or movie) is a fangame.

i have moved the '** Fan-games...' message to the top of the digitalBYOND package page, in the hope that people actually pay attention and don't waste my time.

anyone sending me an email like the one above gets automatically ignored, and quickly deleted.

oh, and this also applies to people who do get an account from me and receive the 'Welcome to digitalBYOND...' email that contains payment and login information. i'm getting a bit tired of emails that say, 'uh, where do i send the paypal money to?', especially when that info is in the frickin' email that i sent!


geez, it's people like you who make me want to stop hosting BYOND games.
digi angry! rawrrrr!
Sic Pixel on them, show 'em what a real animal is.
Not to disrespect all the BYOND Anime guildmembers,but sadly 70% of the guild is made up of kids who don't bother reading the guildlines.

I short,these kind of people make the whole BYOND Anime guild look bad.

These kind of people make the whole of BYOND look bad, period.
red for my DBZNaruto all origianl nonrip plz!!11!!1
70% is being pretty generous isn't it?
uh, where do i send the paypal money to?
Body wrote:
uh, where do i send the paypal money to?

you don't, unless i accept you as a 'client'. when i do, i send you an email with the info you need.
Literacy rate on the internet seems to be low. -_-

I might not be the best in grammar, but do people actually read anymore? The percentage of BYOND keys that can read drastically dropped from years ago. :/

Another thing, what happened to netiquette in the BYOND community?
Plz... Remember of Me... Im Akira... From Naruto Explosion.. Im Brazilian... I Created my own game... Its not a Rip... I need a DigitalByond... Thks