In anticipation of The Orange Box release in five days, here's the distribution files for something I was working on several months ago, called CODENAME: Portal. It's a spinoff of the upcoming game, Portal, except in 2D (similar to CODENAME: Gordon). I do realize it's a little bit buggy and might be slow, or might not work on all operating systems, but whatever.

For YouTube videos, look a couple of posts down.
Do you use OpenGL or SDL bit blit for the drawing?

Nevermind. If it's using OpenGL, then you did it wrong because I get far too low FPS. :O
I mean, it pretty much alternates between 39 and 40, and if you put a maximum on, I don't see why it wouldn't constantly be 40.

Another thing: it is really picky about where you shoot a portal. It can't be on the side of something-it has to be directly in the middle.
Wow, what a name you have.
can you make a sequel with different portal guns to kill aliens? like A GRAVITY GUN OR A LAZER GUN OR A BEAM PORTAL GUN OR A JAIL BEAM GUN
Good game with some issues
I love the game, best 40 minutes I've ever spent playing a non-BYOND computer game.