sorry folks - real-world has kept me away from my hobby for the past few weeks, mostly with this project: - client keeps coming up with little annoying things like 'this looks great in Firefox, but crap in IE6! fix it!', 'can you add an RSS feed?', 'can you change such-n-such?'... good thing i charge hourly.

i hope to get this project out of the way today or tomorrow, and will then have the time (i hope) to order the new server.

thanks for your patience!
Ok... Please ... You need to remember of me

Im the brazilian that made the game [Br] Naruto Explosion [Br]

I need of the purple pack

Thks again!
i have not forgotten! just waiting on the chance to order the new server.
I hate it when clients change there mind RSS feed.. that site wouldn't benefit from one at all.

But i must say it looks very nice.