it seems the younger crowd is getting a hold of cash and now wants serious hosting for their fan/anime games.

priceless email conversation of the month:

him: i can't afford a purple-pack, so what if i limit the players to 30 and use the red-pack?

me: sure, we can give it a try.

him: ok so how much will that be?

me: says 4/month with a 2 month pre-payment. if all goes well, then you can keep on paying.

him: how much will you give me the the 9 month long server for fan games ?

me: (and admittedly, i misunderstood him at first) purple account for fan games is 10/month. so 9 months is 90.

him: And that other account that is under 30 player deal , for 9 months is ?

me: you are joking right? you can't multiply 9 x 4? (9 months at 4/month) ???

ok, so maybe he was trying to get some sort of cheaper deal for 9 months, but who of you here cannot multiply 9 x 4?

good grief, 36 for 9-months is peanuts for a decent shell host. it's not like i'm actually making money off of this venture.

oh, and by the way, some of you owe me money (glares accusing at those who know).
I know, it's just that you haven't provided me with payment info yet.
Also, have you got DMCGI sorted out in digitalbyond2 yet?
lol im still waiting for mine to.

hopefully soon. i get the hosting

anyway lol do people even read packges?
If you want hosting and half more than a quarter of a brain you would read up on them. It's only common sense to know how much money you're spending and what you'd be getting for that money... Naru-tards these days...