My mother managed to find this old photo of her paternal grandparents. This picture was taken some time in the 1920's.

(To be honest I'm surprised women looked like that in the 20's. Up until now it always seemed like a Black 'n White TV sitcom sterotype!)

When my mom was a young girl, her grandfather talked a lot about Ireland and promised her that one day he was going to take her there so she could see the country where her family lived before arriving in the United States. Unfortunately he died in a car accident long before I was ever born. Eventually my mom became obsessed with learning about her family history and went through her grandfather's records to find out that they lived in County Down, Ireland. Long before that, their ancestors were originally a Scottish border clan that relocated to Ireland, where they remained.

At the moment my mother's living in Ireland. In a way, my grandfather took her on a journey back there after all.
That picture looks like something out of BioShock.
Teh Awesome! We love family heritage.
Well it seems that they are getting after it. All those damn alcoholic drinks!