If you need build 411.976 on digitalBYOND, you are welcome to install it into your account, or contact digitalmouse (Jimm) via [email protected] if you want me to do it for you.

Regarding the new servers proposed last month: PayPal has received my 'proof-of-me' documents, and should have the account unlocked soon so that I can transfer money to my German bank, and then pay off October server fees.

When that happens I will also place the order for two more shell servers- both dedicated for Anime/Fangame/RPG hosting. Six slots are already reserved, so get your request in for the remaining two slots! Don't forget that these are purple account slots only, and that means 10/month with a 2-month pre-payment.

Lastly, due to a major change in my working life (see for details), digitalBYOND support will be limited to weekends and the occassional weekday evening, probably in the 7-9pm range, Denmark time (GMT+1). Sorry, but that's all he time I will have for this hobby. I am considering hiring a couple of capable people to take care of much of the tech support, but do not expect that right away.