Made it for the guild because I thought the current one sucked.

And guess what? It's only 8kb in size.
For some reason I don't like it too much. Probaly since it is just some graphics pasted on top of the BYOND logo. Maybe try making the tail of the fire wrap around the logo?
LOL i need it under 6kb xD


The current one is 32x32 and its 5.8 KB and like it was the best I could do with such a low space

Fixed. Below 6kb. 64 x 64, and 4.00kb when saved on disk.
How do you do that, its the same thing yet smaller...
Probably photoshop, I can make pictures that are 5MB in size go down to less than 1MB with hardly any difference in quality.
I think you should invest in PhotoShop my good sir. Very nifty program.
Anyways, do you like it? Does it suit you?
I love it, looks great. And do you also GFX for games as well?
Perhaps, what did you have in mind?
Banner,64x64 icon n a login screen o.O

I would do it myself, but umm, paint is the only program I got and it gives me enough trouble already.
I'll see what I can do. But, quick question, do you like the logo already, or would you like the white background to be black or something?
I think it looks great the way it is.
Sweet! You owe me $1.50

No harm in trying it anyways, right? See which one you like better. I challenge anyone to make one better.
both are nice actually