War Brothers

by Cubanbling
War Brothers
Medieval Game
Programming and Art by: CB(Cubanbling)

Update: Horses are now cheap and available to everyone. Martial Arts and Beast Master class are now also available to everyone.

Subscriber perks: Buff Potion shops, Reduced prices in stores

It can be described as a: "Nothing out of the ordinary RPG." With a HUGE world to explore.

For fans of games such as Skyrim, Mount and Blade, and Runescape. Explore a world filled with dungeons, enemies, and bosses. Includes world wide events where all players must work together to achieve a common goal.

Special thanks to: 0456fra, Vocal Nebula, Pride Ravanok, Keeth, and many others.
Can't wait brah.
Wondering why this isn't listed yet.
invited by Jeffrey.... pls update us Thank You
War Brothers will be up for most of the day tomorrow 4-11-12.
Thank you!
Thank You
April 12 Philippines
nice vid
What happend to this . . .
War Bros is back for whoever wants to jump into it. It can be played both single and multiplayer.
It's been a long time since I last tried it, so I thought to myself, "Well, maybe I just didn't give it a chance. Perhaps if I look past certain things this game might be enjoyable."

So I joined it today, and damn, this game is absolutely horrendous.
In response to Yut Put
LOL I agree, but dont underestimate me Yut. This was my first game ever programmed, not just learning DM but programming, period. Do you remember your first game? Would you like to compare? lol.
My first game was a platform fighter which was essentially a clone of Universal Brawl, and it actually played moderately well and had a little arcade mode and other little things. I was twelve when I created it. So, whatever.

Most of my problems with the game-play here have nothing to do with the programming, and have everything to do with some really awkward game design choices you had made. I'll discuss them with you if you'd like
In response to Yut Put
Lol comeon bro, you JUST managed to make an online rpg after years of programming, something I managed on my first try. You think I would really want your advice? I know every single flaw this game has from top to bottom( believe me, people will let it be known where you fked up) it also doesnt take a genius to see.

As far as the "gameplay design choices" are you really going to say it has nothing to do with programming? It has everything to do with programming. During the months of work i had to mold the game to my programming ability, as opposed to the other way around. Midway through i realized the game wasnt going to be executed exactly as I would want it to, so I turned my focus to finishing and gathering all the knowledge I could.
ummm i'm not sure you're taking in what i'm trying to say here. also, i've *just* managed to make a GOOD online rpg after years of programming. i've made tons of rpgs in the past, and i'm pretty sure a platform fighter is more difficult to do, but again, whatever.

Let's look at some conscious decisions you made which demonstrated you have a poor understanding of game design and have nothing to do with programming ability:

Gigantic black space, first thing you see when you start playing. Anyone who has ever played a game before will notice this as almost humorous.

Nothing need be said about this

umm... why didn't I start with this equipped? is it customary in your world for people to parade around in the nude?


Only a brain dead idiot could make a window like this and think it looks even slightly presentable. Everything about these popup windows is hilarious.

This alone demonstrates how poorly tuned the combat system is. You have to be a monkey to mess it up this bad. Or the designers for Spirit Age. All that I know I can do is a stiff, poorly animated punch, and I get almost insta-killed/ganked by bandits. Did you design this thinking, "Oh, boy, are these noobs gonna die like motherfuckers!" Or was the plan to make them grind until they could win fights easier? Even Elemental Stone's combat is better than this.
What an awful attempt
I see what Yut Put saying though, he's not saying your game is bad he just saying what need's to be improved and small things that can be fixed to make the game look more enjoyable.You shouldn't take it as a troll or bash I personally like how the game looks but I really wouldn't give it a chance to play just because of the minor problems,a serious gamer really wouldn't make an attempt they would log in and immediately log out ,just because of the presentation or maybe the graphics and gameplay.If you were looking for a serious crowd players or to get more players to play period,but then again I can understand your just starting off it looks good so far but there can be room for improvement especially for the things yut put pointed out that's really a given..
Yea I understand... kinda is overwhelming at times especially if someone is working on a big scale especially by yourself i give you props I'm currently doing all the art for a game myself the range of artwork seems endless lol...but anyway keep up with it i hope to see this more polished up I see where you going with this it has potential..
In response to Xyberman
Thanks, and I made sure I finished this game a year ago so I wouldnt have to touch it again. I'll be working on something new when the time comes. I'll make sure I take in everything from this one.