That's the message I read on the back of an order of fries I bought last night. Of course, at the time all I was thinking about was eating my Arby's but later on I got to wondering just what would be inappropriate times to let your mind get distracted with thoughts of Arby's.

I wonder...

But it's no fun if I do all of the pasting, so join in!

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Find a situation you think would be inappropriate for Arby's, slap on our favorite 10 gallon hat and show it off for everyone!
I don't get that last one. I'll do this when I get home!
I think Arby's all the time. Its like, my favorite food.

Mmmmm. Most of those pictures remind me of me.
What's the dude thinking in the last picture?
Dead_Demon wrote:
What's the dude thinking in the last picture?

Pussy. >_>
It's the bottom of two arby's hats together to look like a clitoris.

I'm always thinking Arbys. There is no better fast food.
Arby's is pretty food is plastic :p
You guys honestly have no idea what that guy is thinking in the last one? Holy crap, please, go outside.

I honestly hope you are kidding.