I am really very, very sorry for the delays in the two new servers. I know they should have been available by now, but the new job (see the digitalmouse blog) has me quite busy with a 35.5 hour work week, which usually transalates to a 50-60 hour work week. By the end of the day I am completely drained mentally trying to absorb as much as I can about various projects, and re-writing PHP spaghetti-code that a BYOND DBZ-source-ripper would be proud of. And this is only my second week on the job!

Good news is that I have the spare cash to hire out some help. Nadrew has offered, and I'm trying to cajole Alathon to lend a hand by waving Danish Kroners under his nose like a carrot on a stick. So hopefully this coming week I can sit down and get my project-management tool straightened out and dish out the various assignments that need doing. One of which is a properly automated billing system that also simplifies account management.

So please bear with me a wee bit longer, and I'll get everything sorted out as quickly as possible.

The best I can offer is that hosting will not be billed again until January 2008 - essentially giving you a free month-and-a-half of hosting (assuming we get things worked out this week).

If you would rather not wait any longer, I understand completely, and you may request that your money be returned. Keep in mind that it might take longer to return your money, than to just provide you with the service. It's your choice, none-the-less.